Join me as I renew a lifelong mission for radical transparency in entrepreneurship.


Do you want to be your most uniquely awesome self in a modern world of quick copycats and cheap plastic molds?

Welcome, fellow digiTEKT – builder of your most awesome, most real human to be.

digiTEKT is built for self-builders – more than just personal development, it’s a website FOR personal developers, so you can get the most out of who you want to be.

Be Awesome First – the rest follows.

What to Expect

digiTEKT is divided into 4 main segments, and an oddities store (COMING SOON). It may seem too simple, but it’s very much on purpose — this is a re-unification of truths.

This, is a return to civilization, in direct opposition to this thing we now call society.

  • SCIENCES – that which we observe
  • ARTS – that which we create
  • SELF – that which we are, and are to be
  • ECONOMICS – efficiently using what we have

Think, or I will set you afire.

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