The Becoming of Awesome

Join me as I renew a lifelong mission for radical transparency in entrepreneurship.


Do you want to be your most uniquely awesome self in a modern world of quick copycats and cheap plastic molds?

Welcome, fellow digiTEKT – builder of your most awesome, most real human to be.

digiTEKT is built for self-builders – more than just personal development, it’s a website FOR personal developers, so you can get the most out of who you want to be.

Be Awesome First – the rest follows.

What to Expect

digiTEKT is divided into 4 main segments, and an oddities store (COMING SOON). It may seem too simple, but it’s very much on purpose — this is a re-unification of truths.

This, is a return to civilization, in direct opposition to this thing we now call society.

  • SCIENCES – that which we observe
  • ARTS – that which we create
  • SELF – that which we are, and are to be
  • ECONOMICS – efficiently using what we have

Think, or I will set you afire.

About Patricia Mayo

"You enable my best as I enable yours." Patricia Mayo is The Un-Editor; an award-winning marketer and 7th-generation entrepreneur who wrote the first book on managing remote teams back in 2007, and puts the dictionary in her home library's Fiction section. Mother, ubergeek, and modern renaissance woman who believes humanity can be free once information is too. Get in touch: morethansum at gmail dot com