Diaries of an Entrepreneur #1 – 13 Weeks and Counting

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The best entrepreneurs see a problem and solve it. The problem is, most people don’t realize they’re entrepreneurs, or how to be one, let alone the first thing about business development. I want to change that, by immersing you in my world, of entrepreneurship.

Join me as I rebuild for the third time from ground zero to learn by doing, and build your business without making my mistakes.

About Patricia Mayo

"You enable my best as I enable yours." Patricia Mayo is The Un-Editor; an award-winning marketer and 7th-generation entrepreneur who wrote the first book on managing remote teams back in 2007, and puts the dictionary in her home library's Fiction section. Mother, ubergeek, and modern renaissance woman who believes humanity can be free once information is too. Get in touch: morethansum at gmail dot com